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Assistant Professor:Abeer Mohammed Ali

Personal Overview

Name:Abeer Mohammed Ali Al-Garawyi
Permanent Address:Iraq Al-Muthanna
Mobil: 009647804937481
E-Mail: aliabeer297@mu.edu.iq
PlaceandBirthDate: Al-Rumetha– 8/4/1986
Religion: Muslim

Designation : Assistant professor Dr. in Al-Muthanna University


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Selected Publications

1- DETERMINATION OF HELICOBACTER PYLORI IN SERUM PATIENT WITH GASTRIC ULCER DISEASE " , European Journal of Biomedical AND Pharmaceutical sciences( SJIF ) , vol.2, No.6), pp. 27-29, 13102015.
2- " Isolate and diagnoses some types of Staphylococcus producing armpit odor for a samples of students from the Faculty of Science, Department of Environment and Pollution , Al-Muthanna University ", (Journal of Science of Dhi Qar , vol.5, No.3) , pp.18-23, 16112015.
3- "Molecular Detection of AmpC Gen Families Encoding Antibiotic Resistance among Escherichia coli isolated from Patients with Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) in Najaf" , Kufa Journal for veterinary Medical sciences ,( vol.4, No.1) pp.152-161, 19122012
4- "Molecular expression of blaCIT and blaFox in klebsiella Spp. isolated from Al-Hussein teaching hospital in Al-Muthanna province-Iraq" , Kufa Journal for veterinary Medical sciences ,( vol.7, No.2) 2016.
5-Inhibition of Viral Infection by Using of Natural Herbal
Remedies as Alternative Treatment. Sys Rev Pharm 2020; 11(6): 416- 419.


Research Interests

Bacterial resistance , Fungi, bacteria, viruses, fungal toxins


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