Assistant Professor:Noor Sami Aboud AL-Lebawy

Personal Overview

Working as assistant professor in College of Science, Department of Biology


Educational Background

Ph.D:Medical microbiology

M.Sc:Medical microbiology


Contact Information



Selected Publications

1-Study of Salmonella typhi isolated from patient suffering from typhoid fever in Al-Samawah city, Iraq
Nahab, H.M., Al-Lebawy, N.S., Mousa, N.M.
Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research, 2018, 10(9), pp. 2285–2288
2-Molecular detection of human papilloma virus 31&33 in prostate carcinoma and prostate benign tissues from a group of iraqi patients
Al-Lebawy, N.S.
International Journal of Pharmaceutical Quality Assurancethis link is disabled, 2018, 9(3), pp. 317–323
3-Molecular Tracing of Abundances of Latent Epstein – Barr Virus Early Repeats in Laryngeal Carcinomatous Tissues from a Group of Iraqi Patients: A Possibility of an Early Event in Laryngeal Carcinogenesis
Ali, S.H.M., Alajeely, A.A.-A., AL-Lebawy, N.S., Al-Alwany, S.H.M., Abed-Alzuwaid, A.A.
Biochemical and Cellular Archives, 2018, 18(1), pp. 421–427
4-Molecular highlighting analysis of mutational P27 gene products in association with human T-lymphotropic(HTLV-1) infection in tissues from Iraqi patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma
AL-Lebawy, N.S., Tarrad, J.K., Al-Alwany, S.H.
Journal of Pure and Applied Microbiologythis link is disabled, 2017, 11(3), pp. 1415–1425
5-Nuclear co-localization of expressional products of CDK4&CDK6 and human T cell lymphtropic virus type-1- genes: An in situ hybridization and immunohistochemical study of Hodgkin's lymphoma tissues from a group of Iraqi patients
AL-Lebawy, N.S., Al-Alwany, S.H., Tarrad, J.K.
Journal of Global Pharma Technology, 2017, 9(10), pp. 438–447


Research Interests

virology and bacteriology


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