Assistant Professor:Mousa Makey Khrajan

Personal Overview in Mathematics/Science college /Salah Al-Din University for the academic year 1982-1983, and M.Sc in approximation
theory 1992.


Educational Background


M.Sc:Mathematics/ Approximation theory


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Selected Publications

1-Extension of Lagrange Interpolation. IJSTR , VOL. 4 ,ISSUE Jan. 2015
2-An extension of Rouche theorem via a Korovkin type theorem. Europen J. of scientific research. no.1, vol.136,2015
3-Direct Estimation for one sided approximation by polynomial operators. Al- Muthanna J.of pure sciences. vol. 3, no. 2 , 2016.
4- Approximation of unbounded functions by trigonometric polynomials. Diyala J . for pure sciences. vol.13,no.4,2017.
5- Construct polynomial of degree n by using repeated linear interpolation. 2nd international scientific conference of Al-Ayen university 2020,IOP, Materials science and engineering 928,2020


Research Interests

Approximation theory/ Numerical analysis


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