Lecturer:Alaa H. Sabri

Personal Overview

University of AL-Muthanna
College of Science
Department of Mathematics and Computer applications
Residence : AL-Samawah/ AL-Muthanna /Iraq
Place and Birth date : AL-Samawah /1986


Educational Background

Ph.D:Ph.D. in field of Statistics from Baghdad University (2020).

M.Sc:M.Sc. in the field of Statistics from Baghdad University (2012).

B.Sc:B.Sc. in Statistics from AL-Qadisiya University College of Administration and Economics (2005-2009).Evaluation (Very Good), the first order student

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Selected Publications

1-Application of “LIML_LVR” method practically according to the general formula K-CLASS on suggested simultaneous equations system
2-Improving " Jackknife Instrumental Variable Estimation method" using A class of
immun algorithm with practical application
3-Improve "2SLS" Method by Genetic algorithm with


Research Interests

All research within the specialty


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