Assistant Professor:Dr. Safaa K. Kadhem

Personal Overview

I am assist. Professor of Statistics. My current research interests focus on Bayesian Model selection of the mixture and hidden Markov models. I am also interested in Bayesian methods that are being developed for the model selection approaches. I am now focus on developing model selection criteria under the Bayesian principle.


Educational Background

Ph.D:Statistics-2017- Plymouth university

M.Sc:Statistics-2003- Al Mustansriya University

B.Sc:Statistics-1998- Al Qadisiya University

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Selected Publications

Safaa K., Kadhem, P Hewson, I Kaimi, Using hidden Markov models to model spatial dependence in a network‏‏, Australian & New Zealand Journal of Statistics 60 (4), 423-446, 2018‏

2- Safaa K., Kadhem, Absorbing Markov chains for analyzing COVID-19 infections‏, Asian and European journal of mathematics, 2021‏

3- Safaa K., Kadhem, Spatial identification of component-based relative risks‏ Model Assisted Statistics and Applications 16 (1), 65-72, 2021‏

4- Safaa K. Kadhem, Widely applicable information criterion for estimating the order in a hidden Markov model‏, Songklanakarin journal of science and Technology 43 (3), 824-833, 2021‏

5- Probabilistic model data of spatial-dependent crashes for ranking risk of road segments‏
SK Kadhem, P Hewson‏, Data in brief 28, 2020‏


Research Interests

Models of stochastic processes


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