Assistant Professor:Khawla Kani Jassim

Personal Overview

Adress: Iraq – AlMuthanna – Samawa
Mobil phone: 009647822357233
Place and Birth date: Samawa – 01/01/1976
Sex: Female
Nationality: Iraqi
Religion: Muslim
Social state: Married


Educational Background

Ph.D:Ph.D Grenoble-Alpes France 2017

M.Sc:Al-Kufa Iraq 2003

B.Sc:Al-Qadisia Iraq 1997

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1- Investigation of Adsorption of O-Cresolsulfonephthalein Dye Onto Activated Carbon Prepared From Pineapple Peels.2021.
2- Adsorption Study of Basic Fuchsin Dye on The Astragalus Root Surface.2021.
3- Adsorption study of Disperse Yellow Dye on Nanocellulose surface .Journal of Research in Dynamical &Control System pp. 2214 -7853, 2021.
4- Adsorption study of Reactive Blue Dye on Nanocellulose surface 2021.
5- Direct Yellow 8 Azo Removal by Bentonite Clay solution : Experimental and Theoretical studies. vol.19, pp 120 -131, 2021.


Research Interests

1. Work on Adsorption 2. X-ray for chemical Analysis 3. Kinetic study of adsorption process 4. Preparation and characterization of electrospun Nano fibrous membrane.


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