Assistant Professor:Hanaa Ali Aziz

Personal Overview

Lecturer in biology department


Educational Background


M.Sc:AL-Muthanna university-college of science-biology department

B.Sc:AL-Kufa university- college of science- biology department

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Selected Publications

1-Effect of Radiation on Employers in Radiology (X- rays, CT Scanand Magnetic Resonance Imaging )In Al-muthanna Province-Iraq.
2-Gene Polymorphism Vitamin D receptor BsmI in Thalassemia Children in Al-Muthanna Province.
3-Gene Polymorphism Vitamin D receptor FokI in Thalassemia Children in AL-Muthanna Province.
4-Relationship between ABO blood groups and hematological and biochemical in dices in blood transfusion thalassemia major in AL-Muthanna province-Iraq.
5- Study the Effect of Chemotherapy on Some Hematological and Biochemical Parameters of Cancer Patients in AL-Muthanna Province, Iraq.


Research Interests

physiology, hematology, cancer research, molecular


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