Lecturer:Shatha Raheem Helal

Personal Overview

M. Sc from Kufa University at 2016
B. Sc from Al-Muthanna University at 2005
Previously, I worked in the Faculty of Science while currently working in the College of Dentistry


Educational Background


M.Sc:Molecular physics


Contact Information



Selected Publications

Optical Properties of Polymer polyvinyl chloride (PVC) doped with DCM Laser-Dye and Tio2 Thin Film
The Effects of Additive TiO2 Nanoparticles on the Optical
properties of DCM Doped with PVC Thin Films
The QTAIM Approach to Chemical Bonding in Triruthenium
Carbonyl Cluster: [Ru3 (μ -H)( μ3-κ2-Haminox-N,N)(CO)9]
The topological classification of the bonding
in[(Cp’Ru)2 (Cp’Os)(μ3-N)2(μ-H)3] cluster


Research Interests

Molecular physics, quantum, chemistry physics


Research Links

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