Assistant Professor:Tammar Hussein Ali

Personal Overview

I have over ten years of teaching and research experience where I enjoy the research activities, with the ability to come up with new design ideas for development purposes. My area of specialization is Organic pharmaceutical, Catalyst, Organic chemistry, Carbohydrate synthesis, and Materials (Nanoparticles & Porous material) specifically, the synthesis of smart responsive organic and nanoparticles materials for a wide range of application. This included multi-step organic synthesis, glycosylation, click chemistry reaction, nanoparticle and mesoporous material synthesis …etc.


Educational Background

Ph.D:Organic Chemistry

M.Sc:Heterogeneous catalyst

B.Sc:Chemistry Science

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1) Jeyashelly Andas, Siti Hajar Ekhbal, Ali, T. H., MCM-41 modified heterogeneous catalysts from rice husk for selective oxidation of styrene into benzaldehyde. Environmental Technology & Innovation 2021, 21, 101308
2) Ali, T. H., Rusnah Syahila Duali Hussen, Thorsten Heidelberg, and Hairul Anua Bin
Tajuddin. X-Shaped Sugar-Derived Emulsifiers From ‘Click Chemistry’ - A New Gemini
Surfactant Type for Oil-in-Water Systems. ChemistrySelect 2020, 5, 6856 –6860.
3) Ali, T. H., Thorsten Heidelberg, Rusnah S.D. Hussen, Hairul A. Tajuddin.Unexpected Reactions of Terminal Alkynes in Targeted “Click Chemistry’’ Coppercatalyzed Azide-alkyne Cycloadditions. Current Organic Synthesis, 16(8) (2019), Accepted.
4) Ali, T. H., Ammar Alhasan. Detection of human brain tumours via evaluation of their biochemical composition using ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. Biomedical Physics & Engineering Express, 6 (2019), Accepted.
5) A Halilu, Ali, T. H., P Sudarsanam, SK Bhargava. Synthesis of Fuel Grade Molecules from
Hydroprocessing of Biomass-Derived Compounds Catalyzed by Magnetic Fe (NiFe) O4-SiO2
Nanoparticles. Symmetry, 11 (2019), 524
6) Ali, T. H., Ammar Alhasan. Valuable Modern Strategy (ATR-IR) Spectroscopy Technique to Distinguish Between Normal and Lung Cancer Tissue. Middle East Journal of Cancer, 10 (2019) 54-59.
7) AG Arean, Ali, T. H., JK Muraih. Extracted chemical compounds from Capparis spinosa
leaves and their antibacterial activity on pathogenic bacteria. Journal of Pharmaceutical
Sciences and Research. 11 (2019), 603-608
8) Subrata Saha, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid, Ali, T. H. Catalytic evaluation on liquid phase oxidation of vanillyl alcohol using air and H2O2 over mesoporous Cu-Ti composite oxide. Applied Surface Science, 394 (2017) 205–218.
9) Murtala M. Ambursa, Ali, T. H., Hwei Voon Lee, Putla Sudarsanam, Suresh K.
Bhargava, Sharifah Bee Abd Hamid. Hydrodeoxygenation of dibenzofuran to bicyclic hydrocarbons using bimetallic Cu–Ni catalysts supported on metal. Fuel, 180 (2016)
767–776. DOI:org/10.1016/j.fuel.2016.04.045


Research Interests

Organic Chemistry


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