Lecturer:Ammar Alhasan

Personal Overview

master degree in physics from university of central Florida , USA .
research: interesting in medical physics , nanoparticles , quantum dotes.


Educational Background


M.Sc:master degree in physics

B.Sc:physics from Al-Mustansirya University

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Selected Publications

1-Valuable Modern Strategy (ATR-IR) Spectroscopy Technique to Distinguish Between Normal and Lung Cancer Tissue
2-Lyoluminescence Dosimetry of L-Proline Incorporated of Sensitizer Dependence on the Temperature and pH of Solution
3-Vertical electrostatic force in MEMS cantilever IR sensor
4-Thermomechancial characterization in a radiant energy imager using null switching
5-Effect of Radiation Dose Reduction on Parameters in Pediatric Head CT Examination


Research Interests

medical physics , nanoparticles , quantum dotes.


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