Lecturer:Ahmed Adeeb Mohamed

Personal Overview

A senior lecture in the Faculty of Pharmacy at the Al-Muthanna University, Iraq. After obtaining a master's degree from the University of Basra, in 2009, then I pursued a Ph.D. in Histology" " at the Faculty of of Veterinary, Department of Anatomy and Histology and Embryology, University of Baghdad, finishing 2019.


Educational Background

Ph.D:Ph. D. of Histology

M.Sc:M.Sc. of Anatomy and Histology

B.Sc:B. V. M. S

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Selected Publications

1-Electrochemical study of Propolis as anti-oxidative reagent against to lead ions in rabbit blood samples using cyclic voltammetry
2-Effect of Omega3 fatty acid on lead ion anodic current peak in blood of rabbits measured by cyclic voltammetry
3-The Role of Gaz (manna) and Propolis in Ameliorating the Brain injury of Rabbits offspring Exposed to Lead Acetate Pre and Postnatal (Histo-Morphological study)
4-Morphological and histological study of concha in moorhen (Gallinula)‏
5-The biochemical and histological effects of uranyl acetate in male New Zealand rabbits‏


Research Interests

Biochemical and histopathological effect of drugs in blood parameters and vital organs


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