Lecturer:Zainab Sattar Ali

Personal Overview

A lecturer at the faculty of Pharmacy-AL-Muthanna University in Iraq. I have over seven years of teaching and nine years research experience. My objective the student to provide the student with general concepts in physiology of organs, in addition to teaching the student the inputs of the applied techniques and all the data related to the physiological variables and pathophysiology.


Educational Background

Ph.D:Ph.D., Physiology

M.Sc:M.Sc., Physiology

B.Sc:B.Sc., Veterinary medicine

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Selected Publications

• Synthesis, Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Using Nigella sativa Seeds and Study Their Effects on the Serum Lipid Profile and DNA Damage on the Rats' Blood Treated with Hydrogen Peroxide.
• Effect Of Nigella Sativa Silver Nanoparticles On Some Cardiac Biomarkers In Hydrogen Peroxide Treated Rats - Part Ii.
• Hepatic Expression Level of HSP70 in Thymoquinone-Treated Heat-Stressed Male Rats.
• Effect of Methanolic and Phenolic Extracts of Nigella sativa Seeds on Testicular Expression Levels of inhibin alpha and beta Genes in Mature Male Wistar Rats.
• Hypolipidemic effect of thymoquinone in heat stressed male rats.


Research Interests

physiology of organs


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