Lecturer:Ahmed Raisan Mohammed Ali Alkhateeb

Personal Overview

University lecturer in Al-Muthanna University
Home Address: Samawah, Al Muthanna, Iraq
Place and Birth Date: Samawah, Al Muthanna, Iraq1/4/1968
Contact Number : (+964-7800017567 Viber +WhattsApp+Telgram)


Educational Background

Ph.D:Animal Breeding and Genetics

M.Sc:Animal Breeding and Genetics

B.Sc:Animal Production

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Selected Publications

1- Correlation between Udder Conformation with Daily Milk Yield of Buffaloes.
2- Body Conformation with Daily Milk Yield Relationship on Buffaloes.
3- BL41 Polymorphism Relationship with Milk Traits in Buffaloes.
4- Effect of Bromelain Enzyme Tenderization on Collagen of Spent Chinese white Duck Meat.


Research Interests

Animal Breeding and Genetics


Research Links

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