Assistant Professor:Dr. Ali Ajil Jassim Al-Haidery

Personal Overview

I work in the field of plant protection, plant pathology, fungal pathogens and biocontrol agents.


Educational Background

Ph.D:Ph.D. Plant Pathology

M.Sc:Plant Protection

B.Sc:Plant Protection

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Selected Publications

1. Molecular identification for some Pythium aphanidermatum isolates from different fields of An-Najaf Al-Ashraf governorate. Kufa Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 7(1):94-116. 2015.
2. Study of effect adding different levels of biomass and filtrate for Pythium aphanidermatum on some growth indicates to broiler. Al-Muthanna Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 3(1):1-10. 2015.
3. A study of some pathogens located on the palm trees deteriorating in the province of Muthanna. Al-Muthanna Journal of Agricultural Sciences. 3(2):156-164. 2015.
4. Effect of wheat seed treatment with sporulation suspension of three isolates of Trichoderma harzianum and its interaction with half of NPK fertilizer recommendation on some growth characteristics of wheat crop. Plant archives (accepted 2020)
5. The Efficiency of bio-evaporation of Arugula (Eruca vesicaria ssp. sativa) leaves for controlling the root rot disease agent (Pythium intermedium) on cucumber in Greenhouse. (accepted 2019)


Research Interests

Plant Pathology , Biocontrol, Mycology


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