Assistant Lecturer:Haider Abdulameer Abdulhadi El-Ali

Personal Overview

I am interested in development of organic fluorescent compounds for chemical analysis and bio-sensing applications


Educational Background


M.Sc:(2009 – 2012) M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry -Thesis Title: ‘Synthesis and characterization of some new indole derivatives and study biological activity’

B.Sc:(2005 – 2009) Chemistry. College of Science University of Kufa, Kufa Iraq.

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Selected Publications

Solid-state emissive O-BODIPY dyes with bimodal emissions across red and near infrared region, RSC Adv., 2019,9, 16246-16251.
A Multi‐crosslinking Nanocapsule‐Based Serial‐Stimuli‐Responsive Leakage‐Free Drug‐Delivery System In Vitro,


Research Interests

synthesis of organic fluorescent compounds


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