Assistant Professor:Ihsan Habib Dakhil

Personal Overview

Assistant professor of Chemical Engineering/Unit Operations.
Head of the Chemical Engineering Department, Engineering College, Al-Muthanna University/IRAQ.


Educational Background


M.Sc:Chemical Engineering/Unit Operations

B.Sc:Chemical Engineering

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Selected Publications

1- Ihsan H. Dakhil, Ahmed H. Ali, “Photocatalytic Decolorization of Methyl Red Dye Under Solar Light”, Journal of Kerbala Univ., vol. 10, No. 3 scientific, (2012).
2- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Removal of Phenol From Industrial Wastewater Using Sawdust”, International Journal of Engineering and Science, vol. 3, No. 1, (2013).
3- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Adsorption of Methylene Blue Dye from Wastewater By Spent Tea Leaves”, Journal of Kerbala Univ., vol. 11, No. 3 Scientific, (2013).
4- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Adsorption of Chromium (VI) from Aqueous Solutions using Low-Cost Adsorbent: Equilibrium and Regeneration Studies”, Journal of Engineering, Baghdad, vol. 19, No.11, (2013).
5- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Adsorption of Lead from Industrial Effluents Using Rice Husk”, International Journal of Engineering and Management Research (IJEMR), vol. 5, No. 1, (2015).
6- Mahmood M. Barbooti, Neran K. Ibrahim, Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Method and Apparatus for the Removal of SO2 from Air”, Iraqi Patent, No. 369/2014, National Classification B01D53/50 and B01D53/34, (2015).
7- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Effect of Adding Zinc Oxide on Waste Rubber Tire Powder for Increasing Adsorption of Cadmium (II) from Wastewater”, Iraqi Journal for Mech. Eng. And Mat. Eng., Special Issue, (2016).
8- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “A comparative Study for Removal of Dyes from Textile Effluents by Low-Cost Adsorbents”, Mesopotamia Environ. J., proceeding of 6th Int. Conf., pp.1-9, (2016).
9- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Improvement of Asphalt Binder by Recycling of Waste Tire Rubber”, International Journal of Advanced Research (IJAR), Volume 4, Issue 5, (2016).
10- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Removal of Kerosene from Wastewater Using Locally Sawdust”, Conference Proceeding of Southern Technical University, Special Issue, (2016).
11- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “A comparative Study of the National Classification Criteria for the Quality of Iraqi Universities and the Criteria Adopted in the International Classifications”, Revue du Laboratoire de Societe & Problemes du Developpement Local en Algerie, special issue, No. (9), pp. (553-564), (2018).
12- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Degradation High Concentration of Eosin Yellowish Dye in Heterogeneous Catalyst Solution”, Journal of Global Pharma Technology, vol. 10, No. 11, (2018).
13- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Electrodialysis Desalination for Water and Wastewater: A Review”, Chemical Engineering Journal, vol. 380, 15 Jan. 2020.
14- Ihsan H. Dakhil, “Recycling of Agriculture Wastes for Efficient Removal of Methyl Orange Dye Using Batch Adsorption Unit”, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., vol. 881 012186, (2020).
15- Sajjad Al-Amshawee, Mohd Yusri Bin Mohd Yunus, Joan G. Lynam, Woo Hyoung Lee, Fei Dai, Ihsan Habib Dakhil, “Roughness and wettability of biofilm carriers: A systematic review”, Environmental Technology & Innovation, Vol. 21, 101233, February 2021.
16- Ihsan H. Dakhil, ” Adsorption of methylene blue dye from industrial wastewater using activated carbon prepared from agriculture wastes”, Desalination and Water Treatment, vol. 216,372-378, (2021).
17- Ihsan H. Dakhil, Ghazi F. Naser, Ahmed H. Ali, “Response Surface Modeling of Arsenic Adsorption by Modified Spent Tea Leaves”, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., vol. 1090, 012129, (2021).
18- Ghazi F. Naser, Ihsan H. Dakhil, Ahmed H. Ali, “Methylene Violet Dye Adsorption Using Onion Skins: Kinetics and Isotherm Studies”, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., vol. 1090, 012147, (2021).
19- Sundus S. Al azawiey, Ihsan H. Dakhil, Ghazi F. Naser, Ahmed H. Ali, “Photocatalytic Decolorization Simulated Textile Dye bath Effluent under Solar Light and Reuse it for Industrial Purposes”, IOP Conf. Ser.: Mater. Sci. Eng., vol. 1090, 012126, (2021).


Research Interests

Adsorption, Water and Wastewater Treatment, Absorption


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