Professor:Fadil Abbas Hamad

Personal Overview

Assistant Den for scientific Affairs College of Dentistry /Al-Muthanna University 2013-2018.
Dean College of Dentistry /Al-Muthanna University
Lecturer at College of Dentistry /Al-Muthanna university 2013 till now.


Educational Background

Ph.D:College of Science -Biology Department/Babylon University

M.Sc:College of Science- Biology Department/Yarmouk University

B.Sc:College of Science -Biology Department/Moussl University

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Selected Publications

1-Evaluation the effects of the topiramate on the some hormonal change in the obesity patients.
2-Estimation The Trace Elements And Their Association With Insulin Resistance In Obese Adults.
3-Inhibition of Binding of Helicobacter pylori to Tissue Culture Cells by Anti-Lipopolysaccharides Monoclonal Antibodies.

4-Effects of halothane on the peripheral lymphocytes and buccal mucosa exfoliated cells in operation room workers.

5-Frequency of micronuclei and apoptosis in exfoliated buccal cells in chronic inflammation of oral mucosa.


Research Interests

Metabolism disorders,Endocrinolog,Obesity


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