Professor:habeeb shaker juber

Personal Overview

Lecturer at Al-Muthanna University, College of Physical Education and Sports Sciences


Educational Background

Ph.D:Sports Exercices

M.Sc:physical education

B.Sc:physical education

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Selected Publications

1-Collective learner deficits as a function of predictive behavior of young football players.
2-Flexible thinking as a function of predicting the performance of the Iraqi Premier League referees’ football.
3-Miniature exercises and their effect on double thinking, intuitive reasoning, and tactical football management for young players.
4-The Effect of Specific Drills on Some Physical Attributes and Basic Skills for Al Muthanna University Women’s Futsal Team.
5-The exercises by limbs efforts unilateral bilateral and its impact on indicators of electrical activity muscular capacity and long pass of football to reduce bilateral deficits for young players .


Research Interests

sports training , football


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