Lecturer:Samer Salim Witwit

Personal Overview

Present occupation:
Head of periodontic department at College of Dentistry – Al Muthanna University.
– Past jobs
. Lecturer at College of Dentistry – Al Muthanna University 2012- till now.


Educational Background


M.Sc:M.Sc:Master of Science in periodontics with very good marks.

B.Sc:Sc:(B.D.S) in dental surgery

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Selected Publications

1.Effect of fixed orthodontic appliances on the change of the oral bacteria and Candida species in AL-Samawah city, Iraq‏
2.Epidemiological Study of Cleft Lip and Palate in Al-Samawa City (South of Iraq).‏
3.Incidence of Periodontal Pocket Development in Distal Root of Mandibular Second Molar Following Impacted Third Molar Removal in Compare to Using Bone Graft & Platelet rich Plasma‏


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