Lecturer:Karar Mahdi Talib

Personal Overview

Specializing in Medical Radiological Physics


Educational Background

Ph.D:Mustansiriya University

M.Sc:Pune university

B.Sc:Al_Muthanna university

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Selected Publications

1.Exposure and Etching Time Effects on The Fission Track Density in CR-39 Detectors using Teeth Samples.
2.Study the Characteristics,inverse square law and Application of Geiger-Miller
Detector in Detection of Milk Purity in Samawa city.
3.“Effect of Etching time on the track density of fission fragments human teeth
samples with Lexan detector.
4.Effect of Mixing on the Optical Parameters of Polymer Blend (PMMA:PVC:PS) Thin Films.
5.Studying the Optical Properties of Rhodamine110 Dye Mixture Doped in PVC Thin Films.


Research Interests

Medical physics


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