Assistant Professor:Osamah Mohammed Al daghir

Personal Overview

Present occupation:
 Dean at Al-Muthanna University College of Dentistry.
 Head of Oral &maxillofacial surgery Department at AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital
. Past jobs
 Junior house officer 2004-2005 Baghdad
 Maxillofacial resident 2005-2007 (Medical city – Baghdad)
 Maxillofacial resident (Arab Board for Medical Specializations) 2007-2012
 Lecturer at Baghdad College of Dentistry 2012-2013
 Lecturer at Al-Muthanna College of Dentistry 2013 till now
 Maxillofacial surgeon at AL-Hussein Teaching Hospital 2013 -till now


Educational Background

Ph.D:F.A.B.M.S (Fellow of the Arab Board for Medical Specializations/maxillofacial )

M.Sc:F.A.B.M.S (Fellow of the Arab Board for Medical Specializations/maxillofacial )

B.Sc:B.D.S (Baghdad College of Dentistry)

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Selected Publications

1.DOCK8 mutation diagnosed using whole-exome sequencing of the dried blood spot-derived DNA: a case report of an Iraqi girl diagnosed in Japan
2.War in the middle east and the incidence of cleft lip and palate
3.Efficacy of Mirabegron Add-on Therapy to Oxybutynin for BPH Patients with Persistent Urgency on Oxybutynin Alone
4.Epidemiological Study of Cleft Lip and Palate in Al-Samawa City (South of Iraq).
5.Risk Factors for Fistula Development Following Palatoplasty


Research Interests

Maxillofacial surgery


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