Lecturer:Basim Fouad Shakir

Personal Overview

He holds an Agricultural Diploma / Technical Institute of Shatra 2007 and holds a Bachelor’s degree in Animal Production Department, Al-Muthanna University / College of Agriculture 2017 and holds a Master’s degree in Agricultural Sciences, Department of Animal Production, University / College of Agriculture 2022


Educational Background


M.Sc:Al-Muthanna University

B.Sc:Al-Muthanna University

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Selected Publications

1.Sensory and pH changes of manufactured bastrami from old duke (Anos playrhynchos) meat .

2.Effect of in ovo ingection with folicacid on some Hatching traits of chinese white duck eggs .

3. The effect of different level of bromelain enzyme on improving the physical properties of aged camel meat


Research Interests

In the field of specialization in animal production, reading scientific books, and the sports field


Research Links

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