Professor:Prof.Dr.Falah Hasan Issa

Personal Overview

B.Sc of Horticulture Science in college of Agriculture -Mosel Uni. on 1990
M.Sc of Tissue Culture in college of Agriculture -Baghdad Uni. on 2000
Ph.D of Soilless Culture in college of Agriculture -Baghdad Uni. on 2006
Professorship in plant nutrition


Educational Background

Ph.D:Baghdad Uni.

M.Sc:Baghdad Uni.

B.Sc:Mosel Uni.

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Selected Publications

1- Issa,F.H. and N. H. Mhaibes .2020. EFFECT OF MYCORRHIZA AND LICORICE ROOT EXTRACT ON GROWTH AND YIELD OF OKRA Abelmoschus esculentus L. CV.HASINAWI. Diyala Journal of Agricultural Sciences. Volume (12). A special issue of the Proceedings of the Fourth and First International Scientific Conference on Agricultural Research: 731-740.
2- Issa,F.H.; Elkaaby,E.A.; Kaleel,A.; Salman,M.A.and Abdalameer,Z.I.2019. PRODUCTION OF POTATO (SOLANUM TUBEROSOUM L.) TOLERANCE TO SALT STRESS THROW GAMMA RADIATION IN VITRO TECHNIQUE. Mesopotamia Journal of Agriculture Vol. (47), Supplement II, 2019Proceedings of the 3rd International Agri. Conference, College of Agri. and Forestry, Univ. of Mosul and College of Agri. Engineering Sciences, Univ. of Duhok 2-3 October 2019:190-200.
3- Issa, F.H.; Lamloom, H.O. and Harby,H.H.2019. Effect of liquorice extract, yeast suspension and boron on growth and yield of three cultivars of bean ( Vicia faba L . ). Int. J. Agricult. Stat. Sci. Vol. 15, Supplement 1, pp. 311-315.
4- Issa,F.H.;Harby H.H.and Meften M.T.2018. Study of (BAP , GA and IAA conc.) on three cultivars of Vicia faba L . which treated by different plant extraction. International Journal of Plant Research.19(1):pp8.
5- Al-Taie,A.G.; M.Aboohanah, and F.H.Issa .2021 b. Effect of Silver nanoparticles in stimulating some active compounds in garlic callus under salt stress., in vitro. Second International Virtual Conference for Agricultural Sciences (2nd I.V.C.A.S). “ IOP conference series: Earth and Environmental Science”,Pp:7.


Research Interests

Plant nutrition , Tissue culture


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