Lecturer:Mohammed A. Naser

Personal Overview

I am Lecturer at Al-Muthanna University- College of Agriculture- Soil and Water Recourses Department.
I got my B.Sc. in Soil Science in 1999-2000, M.Sc. in Soil and Crop Sciences in , 2012, and PhD in Agronomy and Horticulture in 2012.


Educational Background

Ph.D:University of Nebraska-Lincoln

M.Sc:Colorado State University

B.Sc:university of Baghdad

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Selected Publications

1- Maize Nitrogen Management Using Reactive Sensor and Proactive Maize-N Model Via Fertigation
2- Characterizing Variation in Nitrogen Use Efficiency in Wheat Genotypes Using Proximal Canopy Sensing for Sustainable Wheat Production
3- Using NDVI to differentiate wheat genotypes productivity under dryland and irrigated conditions
4- Active sensing: An innovative tool for evaluating grain yield and nitrogen use efficiency of multiple wheat genotypes
5- Could Active Sensor based NDVI readings differentiate NUE traits in wheat genotypes?


Research Interests

Soil Fertility and Precision Agriculture


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