Assistant Professor:HAIDER ALHAJOBEED

Personal Overview

My interested research; Aluminum Alloys, Solid State treatment, Aluminum Powder Metallurgy , Friction Stir processing/Welding , Mechanical Alloying techniques, Erosion-Corrosion


Educational Background

Ph.D:Materials Engineering-Metallurgical

M.Sc:Mechanical Engineering

B.Sc:Materials Engineering

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Selected Publications

1. The Effects of Nickel Additions on Microstructural and Hardness of Ball Milled of Al-6wt%Zn-3wt%Mg-2wt%Cu Alloys Underwent the Artificial Aging
2.Study the Effect of Cold Rolling of Aluminum-Magnesium (5083) Alloys on the Erosion-Corrosion Test at the Impact Angles (30° 90° ) in River Water.
3.Study of the feasibility of producing Al–Ni intermetallic compounds by mechanical alloying
4.Study of Differential Scanning Calorimetry on Phase Precipitation in Various Heat Treatments of AlZnMgCu Aluminum Alloys.
5.Characterizations of DCM/PS Co-Doped Anatas Particulates Thin Film Underwent the Annealing Treatments.


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