Lecturer:Mohammed Mizal

Personal Overview

دكتور مهندس محمد مزعل حاصل عاى شهادة الدكتورا في التطبيقاة الطبية .تدريسي في جامعة المثنى كلية الهندسة


Educational Background

Ph.D:Biomedical engineering

M.Sc:aircraft engineering

B.Sc:aircraft engineering

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Selected Publications

1-Digital Reconstruction of Large Missing Part of Mandible by Anatomically Shaped Scaffold
2-Geometrical Model Creation Methods for Human Humerus Bone and Modified Cloverleaf Plate
3-Expert system for the production of personalized cloverleaf plate implant for human humerus
4-Procedure for Creating Personalized Geometrical Models of the Human Mandible and Corresponding Implants
5-Geometrical models of mandible fracture and plate implant


Research Interests

biomedical engineering


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