Lecturer:Shahd abdulamer Kadhim

Personal Overview

I graduated in fall 2015 with master’s degree in the field of Biology with a broad range of skills and expertise. I adapt quickly to new settings, use logical and analytical approaches to problem solving, and have experience supervising undergraduate students in the lab. I am extremely self-motivated with a commitment to completing all assigned tasks to the highest standard. Now that I have completed my Master’s Degree in Biology, I am looking for a new and suitably challenging position, which will use my skills and qualifications. I also look forward to further personal and professional development.


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Selected Publications

• Expression and Characterization of Connexin31 Mutations Associated with Skin Disease and Deafness
• Purpose of Intracellular Communication Connexin 43 in Breast Cancer Cells
• Pharmacological Effects of Dexamethasone in Rats


Research Interests

Molecular Biology and genetics


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