Lecturer:Haifaa Bawie Najee

Personal Overview

lecturer in college of Medicine in microbiology department


Educational Background

Ph.D:Microbiology college of biology Bucharest university

M.Sc:Microbiology college of veterinary medicine Baghdad university

B.Sc:Biology college of science Al muthanna university

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1.Flow Cytometry and Liquid Broth Microdilution Assay Evaluation of the Synergistic Activity of Eugenol with Current Antibiotics Against Eskape Clinical Strains.
2.Antimicrobial Activity of Olea europaea Fatty Oil against Multi-Drug Resistant and Biofilm Forming Microorganisms.
3.Genotypic characterization of adhesion and biofilm development genes in Candida albicans strains isolated from different clinical specimens.
4.Antifungal activity of some medicinal plant extracts against Candida albicans nosocomial isolates.
5.Description of vancomycin resistance genes in Enterococcus sp. clinical strains isolated from Bucharest, Romania.


Research Interests

microbiology, bacteriology, flowcytometry, molecular biology


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