Assistant Professor:Jasim Hasan Imaraha

Personal Overview

Consultant Orthopedic surgeon, Married had 2 son&2 daughter. Live in Basra . My interests in DDH management . I like sport games especially. Foot ball. Since 2010 I engage in AL-Muthana university. In 2017 receive assistant professor of orthopedic surgery. I work in teaching hospital in Al-Samawa city from1997 till now.


Educational Background


M.Sc:Consultant Orthopedic surgeon-2009

B.Sc:M.B.Ch.B of surgery & medicine -1985

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Selected Publications

1. Severely displaced and rotated lateral condoyle fracture of hummers in children (Bas.J Surg vol.9 no.1 April 2003 page56_59)
2. Primary hydatidosis of Vastus lateralis,published in AL-Qadsia university medical journal (OMJ No.10 Vol.6.)
3. Immediate hip Spica for fracture femur in pediatric. Bas. J Surg. June 21,2015.
4. Foreign bodies in the extremities. Published in AL-Muthana medical journal ( 2017;4 (2):62-67)
5. Forequarters amputation for recurrent Ewing’s sarcoma of the hummers, published inBas. J Surg Sept. 2009 No.2 vol.15


Research Interests

Pediatric orthopaedic surgery


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