Assistant Professor:Talib Fadhil Abbas

Personal Overview

Talib F. Abbas is Assistant Professor of Neurophysiolgy,Endocrinology and Parasitology in Faculty of Pharmacy, where he also taught as Lacturer in Collage of Science, Department of Biology. Mr.Talib Serve as board chair in many positions, mainly a director, in both colleges. He is international expirt in his specialist through his papers and participates overworld.


Educational Background



B.Sc:Biology/ Microbiology

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Selected Publications

Ewadh, M. J; Abbas, T.F. Al Saadi H.K. ( 2003)Effect of Prostaglandin F2 alpha on the serum Glutathione levels in Male Albino Mice. National J. of Chemistry ,Vol 11, 452-457.

2- Abbas, T; Faivre, E; Holscher, C ( 2009) Impairment of synaptic plasticity and memory formation in GLP-1 receptor KO mice: Interaction between type 2 diabetes and Alzheimer disease. Behavioural Brain research Vol.205, 265-271.

3- Abbas T.F. ( 2013) Optimizing Object Recognition Task: A practical Study in Neurobiology by using C 57 BL/ 6 normal mice. Journal of Basrah Research ( Sciences) Vol. 39. No.( 2) , 90-98.

4- Abbas T.F. ( 2014) Focal Glial Detection Coincides with precedes Amyloid Plaque Formation in APPPS1 Transgenic mice by PCR. Iraq J. of Science, Vol.2, No.55.

5- Abbas T.F.( 2015) Neuroimaging of epilepsy by using computed Tomography Procedure. Al-Muthana Pure Sciences Journal.


Research Interests

Medical Parasitology/stem cell/ neuroregeneration


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