Assistant Lecturer:Duaa Hamad Hamza

Personal Overview

Name:Duaa Hamad Hamza
Specialization :Animal physiology
Work address: Department of biology – College of education for pur science


Educational Background


M.Sc:Animal physiology

B.Sc:College of science- biology

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1. Study of smoking effect on some liver functions, blood pressure and some haematological parameters in smokers in Al-Muthanna province
2.Study of lipids profile levels in patients with hypothyroidism in Al-Muthanna province
3.The Effect Of pulmonary tuberculosis and short course treatment on some hormones of patients women
4.Autism Spectrum Disorder: Review Article
5.Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and some hormonal and physiological changes: A review
6.Study of effect of Hepatitis C virus on some liver function


Research Interests

Endocrinology and biochemistry


Research Links

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