Lecturer:Israa Abdalhasan Hamdan

Personal Overview

Master of organic chemistry – Al-muthanna University – College of Education for Pure


Educational Background


M.Sc:M.Sc Organic Chemistry

B.Sc:B.Sc Chemistry Science

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Selected Publications

1- Synthesis of some 1,6-and 6- derivatives of Methyl D-Fructofuranosides.
2- Synthesis, characterization and evolution of biological activity for new heterocyclic derivatives Schiff bases.
3- Synthesis, Characterization & Evaluation of Biological Efficiency Of Some Transition Metal Complexes with Schiff Base E-3-(Phenylhydrazono) indolen-2-one.
4- Novel synthesis, characterization, antibacterial evolution & molecular modeling of Schiff base derived from R-camphor & five antibiotics from third generation of cephalosporin.
5- Estimation of some trace element and antioxidant activity in people exposed to heavy metals from different sources of exposure


Research Interests

Organic Chemistry


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