Assistant Professor:Hayder Salah Naeem

Personal Overview

Hayder Salah Naeem currently works at the Department of science, Basic Education college ,Al Muthanna Uniersity – Iraq. I’m interesting on glass dosimeter and radon measurements.


Educational Background


M.Sc:Radiation physics (2011) -University Science Malaysia (USM)-Malaysia

B.Sc:Physics (2008)- University of Misan -Iraq

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1-The Measurement of Changes in the Biophysical Properties of RBC, WBC and PLT after Radiation Exposure.
2-Radon concentration indoor levels in building of college of basic education – Al Muthanna University.
3-A Comparison between Neutron Activation Analysis and X-Ray Fluorescence Methods in Analyzing the Granite Samples.
4-Investigating the Impact of Gamma Radiation on Optical and Structural Properties of Malaysian and Sudanese Gum Arabic under Different Annealing Temperatures and Durations.
5-Investigation of Arabic gum optical properties as UV-Blue light down conversion for light emitting diode application.


Research Interests

glass dosimeter and radon measurements


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