Lecturer:Majid Gazi hasan

Personal Overview

Name: Majid Gazi Hasan
Births: 1980
Residence: Muthanna / Samawah
Profession: Teacher / Al-Muthanna University / College of Administration and Economics (majid_gizy )
* Bachelor of Accounting / Administration and Economics / Al-Qadisiyah University / Graduate in 2009-2010.
Master of Accounting / College of Commerce and Business Administration, Osmania University 2015


Educational Background


M.Sc:master s


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Selected Publications

1- The Importance Of Accounting Innovation In Decision Making
2- The role of switching to computerized accounting systems in meeting the disclosure requirements related to intellectual assets – an applied study in a sample of Iraqi industrial companies
3- The impact of the concept of financial planning on the general budget in government institutions
An applied study at a public university
4-Measurement and accounting disclosure of structural capital and their impact on the book value of the share
(Applied study in a sample of Iraqi industrial companies)
5- The role of income tax in reviving the operating budget
An applied study at a public university


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