Assistant Professor:MIQDAD JASIM ABD

Personal Overview

Master in Agricultural Economics / Baghdad University 2014-2015

Undergraduate, College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad 2004-2005


Educational Background


M.Sc:Master in Agricultural Economics /Baghdad University

B.Sc:College of Agriculture, University of Baghdad 2004-2005

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Selected Publications

-The impact of population growth on some economic indicators in Iraq for a period of 2003-2017
– Costs estimation and economies of scale for fish farming projects in Muthanna governorate for 2018
-The economics of poultry production in Muthanna Governorate for the year 2017
-An analytical study to the credit risks by using the cash flow statement and explain its effect on the capital adquacy to the period from 2010-2015 an applied study on the agriculture iraqi bank.
-Measurement of Comparative advantage for the production of broiler chickens in the province of Muthanna using Policy Analysis Matrix


Research Interests

statistical analysis/ Macroeconomics / agricultural policy


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