Lecturer:Firas fouad Abdullah Al-obaidi

Personal Overview

working as a Lecturer in the department of civil engineering .


Educational Background

Ph.D:Materials engineering from sharif university of technology /iran-Tehran

M.Sc:Materials science from university of technology/iraq-Baghdad

B.Sc:Materials Engineering Technical college Baghdad

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Selected Publications

1-Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of porous PZT–PCN ceramics sintered at different temperatures -Materials Letters
Volume 151, 15 July 2015, Pages 85-88 Firas FouadAbdullahAliNemati
2-Synthesis and characterization of porous PZT-PCN ceramics October 2015Journal of Ceramic Processing Research 16(5):572-577
3-Effects of garnet particles and chill casting conditions on properties of aluminum matrix hybrid composites April 2019Eclética Química Journal 44(2):45
4-nhancement of bioactive glass ceramicusing magnesium nano rod addition: (B. A.G. C / Mg NRs nanocomposite materials forbone repairing)Cite as: AIP Conference Proceedings 2213, 020083 (2020); Online: 25 March 2020Ahmed Rajih Hassan Wetaify, Firas Fouad Abdullah, and Safaa Hashim Radhi
5-Enhancement of Ti by carbon Nanotubes addition for bone repair March 2021IOP Conference Series Materials Science and Engineering 1090(1):012113


Research Interests

Materials,Advanced ceramics,Dense and porous piezoelectric ceramic ,piezoelectric polymer


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