Assistant Professor:Osamah Faisal Kokaz

Personal Overview

Master in microbiology/ Ph.D student in turkye. working at Al Muthanna university


Educational Background

Ph.D:current student in genetic and bioengineering in Turkye

M.Sc:master in microbiology from Al-Qadisiye university

B.Sc:general biology from Al-qadisiye university

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Selected Publications

The toxicity of Castor beans and its treatment with Doxycycline in local rabbits. CRISPR-Cas: Bacterial Immune System (review). Activity of Ethanolic Extraction of Malva parviflora and liqourice as Antifungal and Antioxidant in male rats. Detection of mec A gene in Staphylococcus aureus from Osteomyelitis infections. MOLECULAR CHARACTERIZATION OF CLINICAL ACINETOBACTER BAUMANNII ISOLATES IN AL-SAMAWAH CITY, IRAQ.


Research Interests

Microbiology. genetic engineering. Immunology


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