Assistant Professor:Musaed Hekmat Hamed

Personal Overview

i work on traumatic surgery of the brain and spine with all modalities of spinal fixation by anterior and posterior approach


Educational Background



B.Sc:medical bachelar – sugery bachelar

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Selected Publications

1-Factors that increases Stroke in Patients at Al-Muthanna Governorate during 2018 January 2020Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health
2-Evidence of ACTH and Prednisolone in Treatment of Bell’ s Palsy January 2020Annals of Tropical Medicine and Public Health 23(02):86-93
3-N-acetylcysteine attenuated sepsis-induced cardiac depression: down-regulation of MMP-2 pathway in mice January 2016International Journal of Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences 5(2):111-125
4-Potential role of soluble biglycan induces the production of ICAM-1 following spinal I/R injury through ERK1/2 pathway April 2015American Journal of BioMedicine
5-Prognostic Significance of Troponin T and Creatine Kinase-MB Activity in Sera of Acute Ischaemic Stroke Patients


Research Interests

Spinal surgery and spinal cord regeneration


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