Lecturer:Ahmed Raad Al-Adhadh

Personal Overview

lecturer at the college of engineering/ architectural Engineering Department


Educational Background


M.Sc:Civil Engineering/ Geotechnical Engineering

B.Sc:Civil Engineering

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Selected Publications

1. Influence of Relative Density on Static Soil–Structure Frictional Resistance of Dry and Saturated Sand
2. Study and Improvement The effect Of Internal Sulphate on Properties of Normal and Light Weight Concrete
3. Effect of Method of Soil Drying On Atterberg Limits and Soil Classification
4. The Effect of Nano Ceramic Powders On Mechanical and Physical Properties of Normal Concrete
5. Influence of Temperature and Rest Period on Damage Repair of Aged Asphalt


Research Interests

Geotechnics- soil mechanics- slope stability- soil improvement- soil structure interaction


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