Assistant Lecturer:Ameer Jabbar Abdul Karim

Personal Overview

working as a Lecturer in the College of Engineering in the chemical department


Educational Background


M.Sc:Structural engineering / University of Baghdad

B.Sc:civil engineering / University of Baghdad

Contact Information



Selected Publications

1- Geometric Nonlinear Synthetic Earthquake Analysis of Base Isolated Tall Steel Buildings Under Site-Specific Seismic Loading
Abbas, R.M., Abdulkareem, A.J. Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering, 2021, 112, pp. 349–364.
2- Geometric nonlinear time domain spectral matching seismic analysis of base isolated high rise BUILDINGS including P-DELTA EFFECT
Abdulkareem, A.J., Abbas, R.M. Journal of Engineering Science and Technology, 2020, 15(5), pp. 3104–3121.


Research Interests

dynamic analysis, natural frequency, Synthetic earthquake, Time history analysis, modal analysis, Response spectrum, Base isolation, High-rise building


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