Assistant Lecturer:Hassan Awied Fazza

Personal Overview

Master of Animal Production, teaching at the College of Agriculture/Al_Muthanna University, Combating Desertification Department.


Educational Background


M.Sc:M.Sc:AL-Muthanna university Collega of agricufture

B.Sc:B.Sc:college of agriculture university of Basrah

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Selected Publications

1_The effect of partial replacement of rapeseed meal instead of soybean
meal on some growth parameters of common carp , Cyprinus carpio L.
2_Relationship of length and weight and condition factor of the Shilluk (Leuciscus vorax) (Heckel) at Rumaitha, Iraq.
3_Estimation of Biological Filter of Closed Fish Farming System.


Research Interests

Fish diseases and parasites، fish biology, fish Production.


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