Lecturer:Othman Hameed Zinkaah

Personal Overview

Graduated from College of Engineering/ Civil Engineering Department at Babylon University in 2007. Started an MSc in 2007 at the same University and graduated in 2010. My specialized area is structural Engineering. End of 2019, I got PhD from Bradford University/UK in civil and structural engineering.


Educational Background



B.Sc:Civil Engineering

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Selected Publications

1-Influence of steel fibers on the behavior of light weight concrete made from crushed clay bricks
OH Zinkaah, American Journal of Civil Engineering 2 (4), 109-116.
2-Load capacity predictions of continuous concrete deep beams reinforced with GFRP bars
OH Zinkaah, A Ashour, Structures 19, 449-462.
3-Experimental tests of two-span continuous concrete deep beams reinforced with GFRP bars and strut-and-tie method evaluation
OH Zinkaah, A Ashour, T Sheehan, Composite Structures 216, 112-126.
4-2D Finite Element Analysis of GFRP Reinforced Concrete Continuous Deep Beams with Bond Modelling
OH Zinkaah, A Ashour, T Sheehan, Advanced Composites in Construction (ACIC 2019).
5-Performance of ACI code for predicting the flexural capacity and deflection of reinforced geopolymer concrete beams
OH Zinkaah, A Araba, M Alhawat, IOP Conference Series: Materials Science and Engineering 1090 (1), 012067.


Research Interests

Sustainable materials, Green concrete, FRP bars, Composite elements, FE analysis


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