Assistant Lecturer:Atheer Muhammed Ali Jasim

Personal Overview

Graduated from College of Engineering/ Civil Engineering Department at Basrah University in 2010. Traveled to the Malaysia at the end of 2017 to study MSc in Civil Engineering at the University Technology Malaysia (UTM) and graduated in 2019 specialised in Highway and Transportation Engineering . Then, in September of 2019 came back to join the Al-Muthanna University staff.
live in Al-Muthanna: Iraq


Educational Background


M.Sc:Highway and Transportation

B.Sc:Civil engineering

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Selected Publications

1- Factors Influencing the Shear Strength of Clays: A review
2- Investigation of asphalt binder performance modified with ceramic waste powder
3- Effect of Soil Gradation on Shear Strength of Soil


Research Interests

highway and transportation, pavement materials, soil, pavement design, Asphalt materials, civil engineering


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