Assistant Professor:Basim Jabbar Abbas

Personal Overview

B.Sc : Civil Department, Engineering College -Kufa University, Najaf, 1998
M.Sc : Building and construction Department, Al- Technology University, Baghdad, 2001
h.D. Civil Department, Engineering College , Al- Nahrain University, Baghdad, 2015


Educational Background

Ph.D:Civil Engineering

M.Sc:Geotechnical Engineering

B.Sc:Civil Engineering

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Selected Publications

1- The Settlement Evaluation of Improved Soft Clay Using Sand Columns and Partial Replacement Technique.
2-Parametric Studies of Reducing Applied Stress on Buried PVC Pipes Using Finite Element.
3- Structural Rehabilitation of Damaged Building Due to Cracking.
4- A Case Study on Design of Ring Footing for Oil Storage Steel Tank.
5-Evaluation of stabiliser material using a waste additive mixture.


Research Interests

Civil engineering


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